Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Machining the Grip

These are the first three grips form our new CNC fabrication process for the ergocine Grip.

After hand sculpting the grip for the past year we have moved over to the CNC 3D router.  The best from a batch of hand sculpted grips was selected and sent to be 3D laser scanned.  The file was then sent to Dennis at Egli Machine, where he and Chuck (shop Chief) broke the fabricating process down into steps and designed custom fixtures to hold the wood block at different orientations.
Everett monitoring the cut

These images and video are from step two of the six steps that go into milling the grip.  The first is cutting and wood block to a exact size, then it is milled oriented on the horizontal and then it is mounted on a custom bracket and rotated four times on the vertical axis.  Each grip takes 3 1/2 hr. of machine time.  After it is finished at Egli it come back to us for sanding, oiling, polishing and finally the Arri rosette is attached.

One half hour condensed down to 30 sec.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Will my camera fit?

Here are the measurement for the Lion and some of the cameras it is designed to work with.
ergocine - Lion -

External - H 9.5" (245 mm) x W 3.53" (90 mm) x D 13.5" (340 mm)

Internal Bottom of "L" - H 7.1" (181 mm) x W 3.52" (90 mm) x  D (to start of rods) 1" (25.4 mm)

Internal top of "L" before curve - H 4.44" (113 mm) x W 3.52" (90 mm) x D (to start of rods) 3" (76.2 mm)

Internal top of "L" to access port - H 4.44" to 0" (113 to 0 mm) x W 3.52" (90 mm) x D (to start of rods) 5" (127 mm)

Camera measurements - 

C300 - H 7.05" (179 mm) x W 5.23" (133 mm) x D 6.7" (171 mm)

EPIC / SCARLET - H 5.79" (147 mm) x W 3.86" (98 mm) x D 5.83" (148 mm)

BLACK MAGIC CAMERA - H 4.96" (126 mm) x 6.54" (166 mm) x D 4.49" (114 mm)