Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Build out the Lion - R

On the 17th I went down to Cinema Vision to build out the new Lion - R, our new hard use rig.  As always Jackie and Derek were happy to help, thank you.  We are not only showing off the new rig with a full power mod, (6 D-Taps) but the different operating positions the the Lion (R or O) is designed to compliment.  Our focus is now shifting to accommodating the Epic / Scarlet, with new modifications to the Lion to allow the body to snug all the back against the vertical section of the "L" (the sweet spot for weight distribution) but still allow access to the power and I/O.  We are also working with  MadlyFins, LLC to intergrte a on / off button into our BWG and BCG hand grips.


Lion - R w/ adjustable rod hight.

This model is born out conversations with different rental companies looking to use the Lion, their main concern was the rod mount, they thought the Lion - O's epoxy affixed rod mount was sufficient for individual owner / operators but for the rough use that rental item endure something more robust was called for.  So with Dennis at Egli Machine help we designed and fabricated a hight adjustable rod mount out of aircraft grade aluminum (6061).   Here some picture which show 3 rod mount positions (there are actually four, the one we are not seeing is a 1/2 inch lower than the flush to the top of the bracket orientation.)

The center image is the normal position.

All the way up and all the way down.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the Lion - R

This is the Lion - R with everything, power mod w/ 6 x D-taps, new custom leather pads, new cheese plate and of course aircraft grade aluminum rod mounts.   I am going down to Cinema Vision tomorrow and get photos with the C300, Epic and hopefully the Scarlet.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lion-R new for 2013

This is a new version of the Lion.  The Lion-R has 6061 milled billet aluminum 15mm rod mounts.  It is designed for hard and heavy use, as seen in the rental market. 
These images do not have some of the cuts you see in the finished piece, they are made at a deferent stage of the production process and are not part of the CAD file.
 The rod mount attaches to the side brackets in four different heights .  This is achieved by using the holes at the top or bottom of the bracket and flipping the rod mount up or down.  The lock down thumb screw is not seen in the CAD rendering but we found a number of good working options.   Also this has the new cheese plate designed to be used with the power mod, AB d-tap can be located on either side of the exposed internal channels for a total of 4 internal plugs.   Dennis at Egli is milling the last of the changes on this new nose mount and will have it to us by the end of the week.   
We will do our build at the beginning of next week and travel down to NYC Cinema Vision to get some pictures of the Lion with the C300 and the BMC.

All existing Lions are able to except this new option with a little modification, special pricing will be available for people who already own a Lion.