Monday, December 9, 2013

ergocine flyweight rig / final design - How it's made.

David Ford ergocine's owner /designer and Adam Dirig our mater carpenter make final adjustments to our new ergocine flyweight rig. Then they bring those changes to life in the Dirig Design wood shop.

"Bob's your uncle" is an exclamation that is used when "everything is all right" and the simple means of obtaining the successful result is explained. For example: "left over right; right over left, and Bob's your uncle – a reef knot".  - Wikipedia

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lion R2 & Grip w/ trigger for Canon C's and Red Epic

Shown with the Basic Power option and LANC start/stop cable.
We have been working on the trigger and we worked out a way to swap out the momentary button for a ON/OFF button that works with our cable for the Epic and Scarlet.
We have created these super sub mini
connectors which will allow you to swap out buttons,
just by loosening the set screw, and plugging the new button in.
Some new photos of the Lion R2 configured for the Canon C series.  Shown with the Power Option and the LANC Cable which triggers many cameras.
(C100, 300, 500, FS100, 700, BMCC and pocket camera, plus many more.)

the Red Epic and Scarlet
Some new photos of the Lion R2 configured for the Red Epic and Scarlet.  This cable powered by (3) AAA batteries goes to the B-Box or alike to start and stop the camera.  The right angle Lemo 1B 6 pin female to D-tap power cable allows the camera to sit up against the Lion for the best weight distribution.  

Shown with Lion R1
just to give you a rougn idea.

Run position, trigger depressed.
Stop position, trigger up.