Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Build out the Lion - R

On the 17th I went down to Cinema Vision to build out the new Lion - R, our new hard use rig.  As always Jackie and Derek were happy to help, thank you.  We are not only showing off the new rig with a full power mod, (6 D-Taps) but the different operating positions the the Lion (R or O) is designed to compliment.  Our focus is now shifting to accommodating the Epic / Scarlet, with new modifications to the Lion to allow the body to snug all the back against the vertical section of the "L" (the sweet spot for weight distribution) but still allow access to the power and I/O.  We are also working with  MadlyFins, LLC to intergrte a on / off button into our BWG and BCG hand grips.


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