Friday, February 8, 2013

Lion - R meets BMC

AbelCine was generous enough to allow me to build the Lion -R with a demo Black Magic Cinema Camera.  They did not have the Alphatron EVF in.  I think it was out getting a firmware update (but don't quote me) so I used the Zacuto instead.  With no HDSDI in the evf is not actually functioning but hopefully the idea gets across.  The rear rods are holding the View Factor AB plate adaptor for power, this Lion is ready for power but no plugs have been installed, it is something done according to the owners preference.

 So here is the trick, the camera is so wide that it occupies the space where the EVF should be, my proposed solution is to off set it to the right by roughly 30 mm.  I used this inexpensive  piece which adjust on 2 -axis.  But to be really solid you would need two one in front of the plate and one inback.  I will have Dennis at Egli make a solid off set for the Lion - R and the BMC.


It could work with something like this:

The Lion - R was held by Isaac Kiener at AbelCine, thank you.

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