Thursday, March 28, 2013

Deep in the jungle with the Lion-R

Our intention with the Lion's design was to create a near permanent home for the camera.  It is great to see this bare out as the whole package becomes one, moving from the dolly, to the tripod and on to the shoulder.

This is DP Biff Bracht, deep in a jungle shooting a new reality show with the Lion-R. He wrote this very kind email.

"Hey David

Ergo is my new best friend, and the topic of much discussion amongst my camera department. Now permanently known as "Woodie", it is performing brilliantly. 
I'll give you a better download after I've used it a little longer.  I'll also send you some more action related hand held shots as they come available.  Thanks again.  The brand new Fujinon 19 - 90 is probably one of the heaviest lenses I would hang on this rig, but it's very well balanced and handles great!"

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