Monday, October 7, 2013

ergocine Lion - R2

Available for sale now, same price as the Lion - R1, but I will need a couple of days to up date the sales page.
We have come out with the next generation of the Lion - R the R2.  The side plates are now 1/4" 6061 aluminum from 1/8" this makes the nose much more robust.  The plate also has another set of hole going from 4 possible hight settings to 6, the cap screws holding the rods mount are full size and we have added a lock washer.  I like these brass washers but I will send out black also with each order, your choice.  The pads have been cleaned up with a folded edge to protect you from the scratchy velcro.

ergocine Lion R2 - 46

 I have made a all natural stain from the fruit of the black walnut tree and we are using it on the inside of the body to darken it.  This should have happen a long time ago but we are now stamping the Lion with model and serial number.

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  1. Is this rig compatible with the Sony F5? Is there a list of cameras that work well with this?