Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pads for the blade

Toby is going to use the Letus MCS shoulder pad with his new Flyweight Rig.

And doing so he is going need a velcro surface to attach the pad, with the oil finish that I use you can not use sticky Velcro for a couple of months after it is finished, and that stuff is sketchy in the best of conditions.  With the Lion - R2 I staple a double sided  1 1/2" Velcro (it says 2" but it is 1 1/2") to the shoulder cut out, it is robust and being where it is you don't have to look at it is OK.  

This approach if taken with the Flyweight Rig would really be a shame.  So I took the same Velcro and wrapped it around the blade, it works great.  It is shown with the leather pads from the Lion which are $20 per these are made from duel layer medium and high density foam and designed for a heavy load.  We are making a softer low density foam which will go for $20 per pad.  From now on we will ship all blades with (3) Velcro straps.

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