Friday, March 30, 2012

Ergocine Lion - for the Epic & C300.

see our final working configuration for the Epic

The Ergocine Lion, which works for the Epic, C300 and hopefully any box that they might happen to throw at us.   The design is based around a detachable camera base plate with 15mm rods used alone for tripod work. For hand held the body slides in the back tightens up and is ready for shooting.
This will also allow for the use of other Ergocine backs as they become come available and 15mm third party base plates.

Add your plate and you are tripod ready.

These pictures where taken at CINEMA-VISION (Phone:(212) 620-8191), Jackie and Derek run the most user friendly rental house in the city.


  1. Would the Ergocine work with the C300 monitor unit only or is there a way to use it with the viewfinder? As a former owner of an Aaton LTR this set up intrigues me.

    1. I was designed to work with the C300 monitor, a NOGA arm mounts to the 1/4 20 on the tip of the handle and the monitor is suspended in front of the operator. The distance varies according to the individuals ability to focus on close objects. I hope to get some photos up soon.