Monday, September 2, 2013

Lion for the Epic and Scralet

The problem with fitting the Epic on the Lion was the Power cable, specifically the Lemo which stuck straight out the back, preventing the camera body from seating in its optimal position.  A Lion owner, to which I am truly grateful, found a solution.  Lemo now makes a right angle 6 pin power connector for the Epic and combined with a AB d-tap, the problem has been solved.

A rep. from LAIRD wrote:

I have added this to our product listings per your request,  NEW PART # RD1-PWR21-01

This includes the Right angle connector.

This will be available to all of our resellers, such as Markertek and B&H.
If you have a local vendor you prefer, they can purchase from us to sell to you.  You can  also purchase this through LAIRD direct, but that would be sold at list price.

Dan Coscarella
Product Coordinator/Brand Sales Manager

Chris & Davis

The last two times I went to Cinema-Vision Davis Northern has been there outfitting the Lion for the C300
 Davis when you see this drop me a line with a link to your site.

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