Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ON and OFF switch - C300 and many more

We have completed a button for the BWG / BCG and a cable with a LANC micro controller.  This board will work with any camera that takes a LANC signal, I have tested it on a C300 see below.
This same cable it will also trigger, the BMC,  C100 and C500.  With a different cable the button will trigger the Alexa.  We have a almost finished cable for the Epic and Scarlet but it will most likely require a rocker switch, I would like to find something that will fit into the opening for the button so you could just swap it out.  Sorry no F55.
I have a four pin Hirose.  This button is green I have a black and a stainless steel (+$10) buttons coming in soon, you can also get red, white, blue or yellow.


  1. Hi, this looks really nice. Do you make the buttons yourself? Can the button be bought separately? If so, how much?