Monday, April 30, 2012

The Latest on the Honorary Aaton Shoulder Cat and Ergocine - Lion

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I went down to Jersey City to demo the two Ergocine rigs for Matt Workman and Jon Yi,  Matt's girlfriend, Diana Levine was there and she took some great pictures.

Please note by next week I will have some pictures with configuration that allows you to use the C300 monitor with the control panel and XLR inputs.  This will be done by mounting a cold shoe at the end of a noga arm.  This is the piece plus a 1/4" 20 female to female.

I am going to do a 10 unit run of both models before I put up an emarketing site so if you are interested email me for pricing.

Ergocine - Honorary Aaton Shoulder Cat (for the Canon 7D, 5D & Panasonic Lumix GH2) 

This set up is using my preferred set up where the operator has both eyes open, can see what he shooting and where he is going.

Ergocine - Lion (for the Canon C300, Red Scratlet & Epic)

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