Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Lion Delivered

I just dropped off a finished prototype to Jon Yi he is going to do some world traveling with the rig.  We now have the the C300 monitor, controls and XLR I/O fully integrated and it is solid.  There is also a removable counter weight imbedded under the cheese plate if you end up using heavy glass.  In this configuration Jon is going to remove the counter weight.  The production model will also be cut to allow the camera to be position back another 2 inches, the further back the better.
For audio, video and power cables the Lion has pass throughs on the horizontal axis and I am going to add one on the vertical axis.  
The rig has many mounting points and more can be added after the fact anywhere on the body in any hole size. 
I am also going to be producing the Lion and Grip in Black Walnut which finishes to a near black, with a black anodized cheese plate and black rods.
The production model will be ready to go by the last week of June, I am working on getting a e-marketing site up ASAP.

some pictures:

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