Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thanks Seth

This is Seth Hagenstein with the Ergocine Lion prototype in the field.  As you can see it is really carrying a heavy load, his main criticism was that it lacked padding for this shoulder.  In the day with my Aaton I would be forced to stick foam under my shirt to deal with the discomfort, so the production model (shipping at the end of June) will come with a choice of 1/8" solid leather padding or 1/2" leather and cotton batten padding.  He also suggested that I round the edges in that area which I will do.

He also asked for a rear mounting plate which I will offer as a attachment.  

As for access to the battery compartment of the rig, this is a little tricky, I am going to shave down the space behind the plate so that it is flush. That should help say if you want to use a over size battery, aside from that the design idea is that you would slide the plate froward on the rods to access the battery.  

When it come to quickly removing the Lion for tripod work (with the Zacuto studio plate), the body will have female screw in rods receivers, so you can place it on the tripod twist the rods and take the body off.  The Lion works best with the Arri plate that has front and back locks, where you can just loosen the back lock downs and out it comes. 

I just want to say that really appreciate his suggestions, this sort of constructive, insightful feedback form operators is the most critical element in developing this product.

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