Monday, July 2, 2012

First Black Walnut Lion plus more

This rig is for Matt Irwin, he had 9 additional 1/4 - 20 points.  Sort of tired after getting this done but I wanted to get the pictures out there, I will write more later.

In side the camera you can add wights the package comes with two at about 1 1/2 pd each.  Also you can access the junction at the intersection of the x and y axis internal channels to do a 90 turn with a BNC or RCA or some cable head in that size range.

This the normal configuration in Walnut.

And here we are in Black Cherry.

Handles in Black Cherry and Walnut now with a Arri and through the wood #4 stainless nuts and bolts, no more epoxy.  I am waiting on some cool stainless steel lock down knobs that should be in very soon.

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