Friday, August 10, 2012

New Ideas, compatibility and function

We have been testing the rig with some different cameras, and we want to send it out there so you could have a look.  We built out a Epic with the generous help of Joseph Victorine.

We have been thinking that the balance would be improved if the camera body was back right up against the shoulder.  We have change the design to have the bottom of the L flush to the C300 plate so the camera can slide all the way back, those 2 or 3 inches should make a big difference.  My main issue is the power and video out, even with L adaptors it is not optimal.  

We will be getting a very early demo back soon which I can butcher and really customize the Lion for the Epic.

The other obvious issue is power distribution, we started to address the issue with the Epic test with d-tap brake out right behind the camera and batt mounted on the side cheese plate.  This works but it takes up the cheese plate which could be better used and it is less than elegant.  Matt Workman has come up with this battery mount.  He has squared the back but we am going to make a plate curved to the shape of the body on one side and flat on the other.  This will be available on the next run due out in two weeks.  It will be oriented at the an angle like the images above.

Next is quick sizing test with a 7D.  We did not wire up, but it gives you a idea.  I would love to get a Blackmagic to test with any takers?


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