Friday, September 21, 2012

Lion with power mod field test

I sent Derth Adams the demo Lion with prototype version of the power mod.   This is how he has dressed it out.

We soon realized that there was a major issue with how the Lion's shoulder cutout fit his shoulder.  

Derth was able to shave the inside of the mag back to open it up and increase the surface contact with his shoulder. 

He has suggested that the body be full width where the mag contacts the shoulder.  

I am going to use the measurements from Derth's modifications to create a version for a larger shoulder and or heavy loads.  I am also getting proofs back from a leather smith this weekend for a new pad that will have walled sides, giving more surface area. 

Though improved there are still issues with satiability and comfort, Derth has written that he will be opening up the mag some more, and he will send pictures.

I want to thank Derth I am truly grateful for his contribution in the Lion's further development.

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