Friday, September 7, 2012

The Lion with intergraded power

Inspired by Matt Workman's computer model we have put together a Beta of an integrated power option for the Lion.

It gives you 9 D-tap connections and it will work with either a Aaton Bauer or V-Mount battery plate.  The mod features a locking hinge allow you to fine tune your counter balance.  The hinge attaches to a pair of 1/4 -20 females located on the rear of the mag, all Lions have these mounting points.  The few older models that are out there can be retrofitted.

Note if you need to step down you voltage the converter can be housed inside the mag, out of sight and out of the way.

The model uses normal Velcro but the production model will use Black Duel Lock, for a solid connection.

This modification is available right now but we are not publishing the price just yet, so contact us for pricing.

Adjust and lock you battery and it occurs to me when your plate is away from the mag you now have a new mounting platform for wireless, TC generators or whatever else.

This locking hinge is very strong it can take whatever you may throw at it.