Monday, June 3, 2013

Lion built out reality TV style, plus Elements Micron Baseplate and Dovetail

Lion owner Sherri sent us these great pictures of her built out rig and a very smart balancing solution.    


Sherri writes:

I see on your blog the topic of balancing the ergo cine on a tripod easily, without the need for a complete de-rig.  The solution I found, which just works, is using the Elements Micron Baseplate and Dovetail - both are designed for smaller camera bodies so cost less than the Arri C300 baseplate, and enables me to slide the entire rig for perfect balance.  Also, "out of the box" the ergo, with micron baseplate, would not slide onto the dovetail.  The base of the ergo hit the rails of the dovetail.  I did dremel a centimeter slot into the front bottom of the ergo where it hit the dovetail - now it slides onto the rails perfectly.  The hang of the ergo was literally 1/2 a centimeter too low for the dovetail.  now, perfect.

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