Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lion for the Black Magic Camera

update 9/9/13 - Cinema-Vision has the Lion with the BMC modification available for rental.

We have completed a set of spacers to off set top camera rods allowing you to comfortably work with a EVF.  The rig is set up with two rod mounts the top one offset 35mm and the bottom centered to the Lion, which is used to mount the grip and to mount a tripod plate.  In the pictures the spacers are not anodized, I am picking up the first batch of black anodized spacers tomorrow.

The challenge with the BMC, because of it width, is the operators orientation to the handheld rig, we are looking for good posture, a straight neck with your eyes looking forward.  Next we wanted the Lion balanced so it rests parallel to the horizon.

Thank you Chris, Derrick, Jackie and the rest of the crew at Cinema-Vision as always they hooked me up.

This is the same Lion built out by it's owner Togan Gokbakar. 

To build this rig out along with the Lion - R package and the Black Magic Camera Modification.  
You will need:
(1) 6" Noga Arm
(1) EVF
(1) camera plate
(2) 12" 15mm rods - for grip, could be +/- 2" depending on body size
(2) 14" 15mm rods - for camera, longer or shorter depending on accessories. 

If you also want the Power Modification, to use it you wold most likely use:
(1) Anton Bauer battery mount
(2) 3" rods

To mount on tripod:
The gold standard is the element technica micron-bridgeplate and dovetail.  

For the time being I am using a very simple plate.


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