Tuesday, April 8, 2014

variety the spice of life

Black Walnut, sourced from North Pennsylvania from Irion (ear-re-on) Lumber who supply to high end furniture makers and from The Genesee Region of NYS (Rochester) where we buy a tree, cut it down and have it milled . We dry it and the carpenter (Adam) planes and sands it to spec. The wood has a dark chestnut color which darkens slightly over time.

Black Cherry, we have a good stock right in my backyard in Central NY and The Genesee Region.  Almost all of our cherry is bought as wet rough cut board and we have small drying set up that my father runs up in Rochester. When first finished, the Cherry is very light but it darkens over time reaching a rich red color.

Ancient Kauri (Cow-ree) was buried and preserved in peat for up to 50,000 years ago on New Zealand's North Island.  I purchase dried chunks from Ancientwood, Ltd in La Pointe, WI. Over the millennium It has been penetrated by minerals giving the wood a shimmering iridescence.  It is almost dull when first finished but in a few weeks time kauri develops into a rich copper color with flecks of gold.

These buttons are swappable - we can also get green, white, blue and yellow.  The one on the end (black w/ dimple) is for the Epic and only comes in black. Or no button at all.

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