Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A special job.

On April 27 Damon wrote:
Was just on your site and love your work! I am a Chicago based cameraman but grew up outside of Rochester in Wayne County. My folks are still there and have plenty of trees on their property... which got me to thinking. Could you make a grip/trigger for me if I were to supply the wood from my folks property? I know little about woodworking but I know they have cherry, maple, oak and pine trees in abundance. It's a strange request but my folks are getting up there and someday that property will likely be sold, having a piece of it in my hands while I work would be pretty cool.

Damon Hennessy

It took months, but it is finally coming together.  Damon sent me this picture and though the Cherry log is small, we think we can make it work.  This wood is green so I will need to kiln dried it before it is milled.  I got the logs this weekend and over the last couple of days I have been prepping.


Creating a Handgrip blank on the band saw.


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